water sports in malvan

What is scuba?

Scuba stands for Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.

Who can dive?

Generally, anyone who meets health and fitness requirements can learn to scuba dive. In Purvashri scuba diving Tarkarli – Malvan, we have a certified trainer who can teach how to scuba so don’t worry. Enjoy your scuba diving in Malvan hassle-free.

Is there an upper age limit for scuba divers?

There isn’t an upper age limit, but health considerations become more important as one gets older. We take care of all the precautions. One who really wants to do scuba can definitely try. If he feels uncourteous we quickly remove him from the water so don’t be scared. Happy dive!

Is learning to dive difficult?

Learning to dive can be challenging, but with proper training, most people can manage it. We trained you most important signs which help you to better dive.

How long does it take to get trained for scuba diving?

The duration of scuba training varies, but basic certification courses often take a few days. There must be 10 to 15 min are sufficient to do scuba diving in Malvan but if you want to get certified then there must take more days.

Do you have a certified diver?

Yes, there are certified divers who have completed training. We have 5 certified scuba divers in Purvashri Scuba Diving Malvan Tarkarli.

Are there any special qualifications or considerations to participate in a scuba class?

Special qualifications and considerations may vary based on the class and location.

Do I have to be a great swimmer to do scuba in Malvan?

While swimming skills are helpful, you don’t need to be an expert swimmer for scuba diving in Malvan. Our scuba divers will come with you and help you. They were always with you for the whole dive. Hey always notice all the signs you are trying to say. So if you are a non-swimmer don’t get worried we are always there for you.

Scuba diving sounds exciting, but I’m not sure if it’s for me. Can I try it without training?

You should undergo proper training before attempting scuba diving; it’s not safe to try it without training. The training session is for everyone. If you are a good swimmer or if you did scuba diving before these excuses will not accept here. It is our responsibility to have your ride memorable and comfortable so please do not try to skip the training session. I repeat do not.

What equipment do I need before I take scuba lessons?

Basic scuba equipment includes a mask, snorkel, fins, buoyancy control device (BCD), regulator, and tank.  All this equipment will provide from our end.

What is the equipment I need for scuba diving?

Equipment for scuba dives includes basic gear along with exposure protection (wetsuit/dry suit) and weights. All this equipment will provide from our end.

In the movies and on TV, divers are always running into sharks or eels. Should I be concerned about marine animals?

Marine animal encounters are rare and generally not a significant concern if you follow safety guidelines. We take safety first and we are experienced in this tourism industry for the last 10 years so we know which is the risky safest place for scuba diving in Malvan.

What happened if I get uncomfortable?

If you get uncomfortable while diving, you can signal your dive buddy or instructor to the surface they taught.

Can I dive wearing glasses?        

Prescription masks or contact lenses can be used for vision correction while diving.

How deep will I go in scuba diving?

Diving with certain medical conditions, especially respiratory ones, can be unsafe.

How long will I stay underwater while scuba diving?

The time required for scuba diving can vary, from a few hours for introductory dives to multiple days for certification.

Is scuba diving dangerous?


My ears hurt when I dive to the bottom of a pool. Won’t they hurt when I scuba dive?

You should not try scuba or use the required ear equipment.

Do you provide equipment for scuba or do we have to manage by own?

We provide.

Are there any charges for equipment?

Charges are included in the package.

How much time it will take for scuba?

As Scuba diving is classified into various types, time depends upon it. Normal diving takes 10 minutes approximately, Average diving is for 15 minutes whereas Deep Diving is done for 20 minutes.

Do you have any special offers for scuba?

Special offers for scuba may be available; it’s best to check with the dive center. Call for more details.

Do you have any packages for couples?

Many dive centers offer packages for couples; Call for more details.

Do you have any packages for families or groups?

Family or group packages might be available; contact the dive center for information. Call for more details.

Do you provide water sports activities?

Yes, we offer water sports activities in Tarkarli, Malvan, in addition to scuba diving.

Any cancellation or refund available?

Cancellation and refund policies vary; it’s important to know the specific policy of the dive center. Call for more details.

What if I cannot complete the course?

If you cannot complete the course, you might not receive certification; check with the dive center for their policy. Call for more details.

Can I get the certificate?

Successful completion of a scuba course often leads to certification.

Which are the best places for scuba in Malvan?

Some popular scuba spots in Malvan include Tarkarli Beach and Devbagh Beach, Malvan Beach, and Chivla Beach.

Do you have lockers? Storage?

Yes. We provide locker and storage.