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Best Scuba Diving destination in Tarkarli Malvan

There are many points to do scuba diving in Tarkarli Malvan but we found the best for you! Malvan is the best place to do scuba diving.

1. King’s garden point

2. Reti Point

3. Dharan Point

4. Juva Point

6. Achara Point

7. Chivla beach Malvan 8. Rewala Point

Tarkarli is the best place for scuba to sea coral reefs, whining crystal clear water, and various fishes. Tarkarli marine life is just mind-blowing to watch.

We have some best locations to do scuba in Malvan which are – Malvan Beach, Dandi Beach, Tarkarli Beach, and Chivla Beach Malvan.

We have certified trainers who train and give instruction to scuba in Malvan in Marathi, Hindi, and English language. We have fiber boats with all the safety types of equipment. which can take you to these destinations for the best scuba experience in Malvan. Enjoy the ride with Purvashri scuba in Malvan Tarkarli.

This is the detailed information on why we choose this destination for scuba in Malvan Tarkarli.

Best Scuba Diving Points in Tarkarli - Malvan

Point A – King’s Garden Point

King’s Garden Point in Tarkarli is the best place for scuba diving. We are experienced and we choose the best for our customers. On this point, you can see lots of various and colorful fishes, and coral reefs. This is the best place for snorkeling. One can peacefully watch zebra fish, angel fish, lionfish, squids, coral reefs, sea cucumber, and many lists will not end. A large number of fish with crystal clear water will be seen here.

best scuba point in malvan
best scuba place in malvan

Point B – Rewala Point

This point is famous for shallow scuba diving in Malvan. We suggest visiting this point to many visitors who are very much interested in diving. This is visitors’ all-time favorite point for scuba in Malvan. This point is near Sindhudurg Fort Malvan. There are lots of angel fish, red and yellowish soft coral around you will fall in love with this experience. There will be scorpion fish also found and angel fish will be hidden in the hotels of rocks. Various fishes are racing around you. Watching this is the unforgettable moment of your life.

Point C – Chivala Beach Malvan Point.

Chivala Beach is one of the best beaches to visit while staying in Malvan. Don’t miss to dive into this archival spot. Just 5 min away from the archival beach. This place is famous for Dolphin Ride also. We discover colorful coral here, surrounded by a kaleidoscope of swirling barracuda, huge and friendly grouper, unicorn fish, sharks, and a group of eagle rays that often drop which add uniqueness to this dive. This point for scuba diving in Malvan is must visit point.

best scuba point in tarkarli
best scuba place in tarkarli

Point D – Reti point

The unseen fish and reefs like barracuda, giant trevally, giant groupers, tuna, mackerel, and many more can find here. Big barrel sponges perch on the edges of the larger pinnacle that is covered with glassfish which is very hard to look out at the schools of batfish floating in the currents suddenly a shadow appears from the deep, it’s a manta ray cruising by to take a look at the commotion. There are many more colorful fishes like a juvenile emperor, angelfish, and shy red-toothed trigger fish looking for holes to fide from the glares from the Napoleon wrasse circling the reef.