We offer Budget Friendly Watersports Packages in Tarkarli

Except for scuba diving, there are many other activities to do in Malvan. Many exciting water sports are available to try. You can read all the water sports activities information here and choose. We suggest trying them all with our affordable packages.

Scuba Diving: 1st of all is scuba diving so don’t miss this chance while staying in Malvan. Scuba diving has 2 types one is shallow water diving and 2nd is deep scuba diving.

Deep Scuba Diving:  In deep scuba diving, we take our customers into the deep sea here one can find all the reefs, and various fishes in one place this dive is for 15 to 20 min. before this dive, we trained every customer about scuba tricks and signs.

Shallow Scuba Diving: In this shallow scuba diving, we take the person to normal depth. Everyone can able to do it. This is very affordable scuba diving in Malvan Tarkarli. One can easily get used to diving after some training. Our trainers are always with you till the dive.

Banana Ride: You must have to take this Banana ride in Tarkarli. This is a tourist’s all-time favorite ride from all of the above rides. This exciting ride is on a banana-shaped tube boat which is why it’s called a banana ride. This ride can be taken by a group of family and friends. In this ride, the speed boat pulls you along the water with high speed and threw you in splashing water.

We give all the safety instructions before the ride. You will have to hold the tube-shaped banana boat as tight as possible, the speed boat attempts to flip the boat to drop passengers into the water. If you stay calm and excited you will able to grab tight and win the race!

Speed Boat Ride: Purvashri Scuba diving offer every tourist to an irresistible opportunity to get an unstoppable adventure. The speed boat ride is a combination of thrill along with chill. This speed boat ride in Tarkarli is a very enthusiastic water sport ride. The feeling you experienced while on this ride is the next level moment when the freshwater of the Arabian ocean splashes on your face and air blows your hair while riding at high speed is the amazing experience one must have.

The breathtaking view of foamy waves, silver sand, and the beautiful shoreline of Tarkarli Malvan Beach is the view every tourist would love to cherish for a lifetime.

Bumper Ride: There are two types of bumper rides one is a seating bumper and the second is a sleeping bumper. This ride is also a riveting ride that fascinates the thrilling experience of everyone.

Seating Bumper Ride: There is a huge bumper-shaped round-tube boat we used in this ride. A minimum of 5 people can able to get this ride at one time. This tube boat looks like a sofa and all people have to seat one. The speed boat attached to this will pull this tube bumper boat at high speed. One can get the open-air experience of seating on the sea.

Sleeping Bumper Ride: In this ride the same shaped boat-like seating bumper but not like a sofa it’s a straight tube boat. People have to sleep on this boat and same like a seating bumper ride, a speed boat pulls you in at high speed. This experience is fun and enjoyable.

Jet-ski Ride: Let’s complete your dream Jet Ski ride with Purvashri Scuba Diving Malvan, Tarkarli. Purvashri Scuba offers magnificent water rides for tourists who want to feel the thrill. This Jet Ski ride is for those who are speed lovers. This ride stands out among the most energizing and thrilling water rides.

This ride can take by one or two persons most of the time we request every one to take this ride with our trainer. Because speed is the main key of this ride so we don’t want anyone to fall in the water while jet skiing. Our certified trainer will help you to enjoy a ride in comfort.

Dolphin Ride/Safari: There are some of special spots where you find carefree dolphins in the Arabian Sea. We take you to the dolphin safari in Tarkarli Devbagh. Enjoy watching dolphins playing with each other, trying to win a race with waves in the Beautiful Arabian Sea. Dolphin ride is for everyone but especially for those who can’t able to do other water sports rides or for those who are aged. This is a fun and relaxing experience for everyone. How the time will try you won’t even get to know while watching the amazing dancing dolphins.

These cute dolphins will never dull your moment. Carry your camera with you so that you can capture these perfect candid shots of playful dolphins and your loved ones.